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Gardening Gifts for Mother.

Greetings, this is public service message from Sango Kainde. The Gardening Gifts for Mother program is a food security program that produces fresh organic food, poultry and chickens for African Americans. It is the basis of re-teaching and re-educating African Americans about natural survival off of the land. This program is primarily comes from the inspiration of Queen Quet, the Chieftess of the Gullah Gee Chee Nation, in her emphasis upon food security and emergency preparedness for your family.  As you know, we have been consistently promoting the $126,000,000 for 7 years fundraiser for the African American Youth Civil Corps, by each of 100,000 faithful sending in $15.00 or $180 for the whole year. This drive started back in December of 2014. So far we are inching our way towards 100,000 brave souls, dreamers of Black Nationalism, to join in raising up this money for our youth's future. And as a huge and dedicated supporter of OyoTunji African Kingdom Village and Gullah Gee Chee Nation, HRH Oba Adefunmi II and Chieftess of the Gullah Nation Queen Quet, I Sango Kainde, This program was created to promote progress of the people. This program reaches out to those who happen upon this blog, those invited,  Black Nationalists, those who want to see material progress come to our communities, those who care about humanity, those who would like to see Africa in America advance as a culture and civilization, regardless of the reason, if you find good in your heart to help with the prosperity of those less fortunate than others, please send a gift. If you have a zest for farming, organic and naturally grown food and herbs and believe this is the future then become a supporter now.

These gifts consist of essential and vital gardening tools that we need for building community gardens and starting down the road to a full blown organic market. These items are discovered on, can be purchased for less than $100.00. They are anything from pruners, rakes, shovels, soil, organic seeds, seeders, mulch, soil testers, there are over 30,000 items in this category. The most special quality about them is that they are all Amazon Prime, which means your gifts come with free shipping with orders over $35.00. Also, if you live in any state besides Washington State, the corporate headquarters of, your gift comes tax free. These items are in the gift category and will arrive in a plain box to whoever you send them. Please send a gift and help to develop Black Nationalism, social responsibility is taught by practice. To send your gift, follow the instructions below these important videos. We thank you!

Queen Quet's lecture on Food Security and Emergency Prepardness
how important is to you and your family.

OyoTunji African Village how food relates to sovereignty and liberation:

Part 2

Good Food Initiative R.O.T.C

Great Planting Guides

How to grow food in your apartment or small space:
Courtesy of zaylock23 Youtube channel.

Here's the link: Gardening Gifts for Mother.

Small list of important gifts. Instructions: Click upon the links of each item and it will take you to Amazon's page for that particular product, here you can view, read product descriptions, reviews, customer comments, view costs, view picture of the product, various actions to help you better make your choice. Thank you.

1. Working gloves. We need 100s of these.
2. Hand trowel and fork.  We need 100s of these.
3. Garden hoe.  We need 100s of these.
4. Loppers. We need 100s of these.
5. Soil rake. We need 100s of these.
6. Draw hoe. We need 100s of these.
7. Pruning shears. We need 100s of these.
8. Soil Mix. We need 100s of these.
9. Penknife. 100 or more.
10. Spade. 100 or more.
11. Garden fork. 100 or more.
12. Mulch We need 100s of these.
13. Fertilizer. We need 100s of these.
14. Organic Seeds vegetable and herbs. We need 100s of these.
15. Culinary Herbs seed packs. We need 100s of these.
16. Medical Herbs seed packs. We need 100s of these.
17. How to Garden, Farm, Herbal Medicine books.
18. Saws. 20 or more.
19. Hand-drills. 20 or more.
20. Flower seeds. We need 100s of these.
21. Flower seeds 2. We need 100s of these.
22. Emergency family kits. 100s of these.
23. Market tent. To be used for temporary market set ups.
24. 15lbs bag of rice. As many as possible.
25. Insect Repellant. We need 100s or more.
26. Lantern. 50 or more.
27. Snake Bite Kit. 30 or less.
28. Mosquito control bits. 100 or more.
29. Mosquito control 2. 100 or more.
30. 50 Gallon rain water collector.  50 or more.
30. Irrigation hoses. 50 or more.
31. Lacquer paint. Used in covering wood in raised beds so wood doesn't rot in earth. 100 or more.
32. Watering can. 50 or more.
33. Edger/Trimmer.  50 or less.
34. Nursery pots.  100 or more.
35. Folding tables for market set up. 100 or less.
36. Soil Tester.  20 or less.
37. Wheel Barrow. 25 or more.
38. Table Cloth for market tables. 100 or more.
39. Chicken Coop.  20 or less.
40. Chicken feed.  100 or more.
41. Pyrethrum seeds. Background info:
42. Sand Bags. We need 100s of these. In the low country of S. Carolina, near the coast, this is very fertile but moist land, but suffers flooding periodically. To protect their property and crops, farmers , its necessary sometimes to use sand bags to hold back the extra water.

Powerful plants that kill mosquitoes article. 

This list though incomplete gives a brief glimpse into what we are trying to accomplish and lays out the basic tools needed for maintaining a community garden. Please review, decide, and place your order. Thank you.


Follow the link, scan through the list of items, and choose an item you feel in your heart you would like to bless the mothers of Oyo Tunji and Gullah Gee Chee. After you pick your item, put it in your shopping cart, then begin the check out process. Once you register, if you're aren't already a member of Amazon, you can check out using your debit or credit card, preferably debit. We aren't asking anyone to put anything on credit, don't hurt yourself, this is a gift, so give only if you have it to give! Check the box that says that this item is a gift. Make sure you do this, repeat, make sure you do this, the system must know that this is a gift to qualify for free shipping, also to send it to the address of the person or entity you are blessing with your gift. Normal orders usually go to the address of the registered debit or credit card purchaser so make sure you mark gift in the box. Please leave your name and number on your gift so when your gift arrives someone will call you and thank you personally. This alerts you that your gift arrived safely and if you like to repeat the process in the future, of giving another gift, then you will find the process easier. Purchasing advice, if you like to remain anonymous or if you don't have a debit card to make a purchase, you can simply go to your local Walmart or CVS Pharmacy and purchase a debit card, which you can load any amount you like. This will allow you to make purchases on or any internet site. Thank you. Love, Sango.

Square Foot Gardening.
How to grow more using less space and smaller space growers.

Cold Weather Growers
You Can Grow Food In The Snow

Benefits of Greenhouses

I recommend everyone to build a small greenhouse and use strong anchors to prevent it from being blown down in strong wind. I've looked at some models on Amazon and elsewhere, there a quite a few selections, but I went with the affordable ones. The Spring is coming, this is the time to prepare the ground and start planting. I suggest you stock up glass jaws to preserve your foods, especially if you have extra harvest, which always a plus. Stock up on rice 100lb bags, beans 100lb bags, corn meal, and can goods. It is a good idea to go to food pantries to help you with this urgent mission of preparing you and your family. But back to greenhouses. Here is a very nice affordable one I found on Amazon. This one has five stars, I don't recommend any product with less than four stars.

Follow the link: Greenhouse 


Plus you will need anchors, these are some really good ones, not too pricey.

Follow the link: Anchors

If you live a cold environment you will need a heater, if you can't build a wood stove, then you will have to find an alternative solution. Electric heaters are good but they can run your bill up, but its only in the winter months you will need to use it. Most bills can run about $108.00. But what food you don't save for yourself you can always sell to your community and get this money back.

Here's a good greenhouse heater.

Follow the link: Greenhouse Heater


It is hardwork but double digging your garden can reap great benefits. It has it plus and minuses but double digging can increase yield as roots have more room to stretch out.

Here's how to double dig.

***Highly Recommended collection book

Hoodoo Medicine: Gullah Herbal Remedies 

Hoodoo Medicine is African American natural healing. Its roots go back centuries to the first enslaved Africans who brought knowledge of healing plants with them and learned more from the American Indians and European settlers they lived among.

The book Hoodoo Medicine describes in rare detail the plants and herbs historically used by the Gullah (also called the Gullah Geechee) of the South Carolina and Georgia Sea Islands, or Low Country.

About the author. 

Faith Mitchell earned her Doctorate in Medical Anthropology in 1980 from the University of California, Berkeley.  She is the President and CEO at Grantmakers In Health. Formerly, Mitchell was a senior staff member of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, the Senior Coordinator for Population in the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration in the US State Department, and a program officer at the Hewlett and San Francisco foundations.

Purchase your copy here

Remember Black Nationalism destroys injustice. Give to a Black economy today! Continue to give on a monthly basis. It is best to mail your payment than to use electronic transfers. 

Here's a Yoruba proverb about not complaining and continue your plans despite opposition, which you know will come. It says, One does not enter into the water and then run from the cold. Be fearless about the future. Love, Sango. 

Here is the address to send your gift.

The Kingdom of Oyotunji Village56
Bryant Lane
Sheldon, SC, 29941

Note: If you are donating money please follow the picture links above, they link to our website page, which hosts paypal buttons, that allow you to donate via credit or debit. If you are writing a check or money order please make them out to:  HRH Oba Adefunmi II.
The phone number to reach to see if your gift has arrived is: 843-846-8900
These are our websites and

 New Video! Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation ( releases "WEBE Gullah/Geechee: Cultural Capital & Collaboration Anthology!

History of the Mighty Gullah/Descendants of Angola
The War for Freedom

History of John Horse and the Seminoles aka Gullah Peoples.

Freedom Never Too Much! 

Learn more about the Gullah Gee Chee


***Purchase the Book ***

Baba Sango is the King of expansion, King of Pan Africans. Sango is Africa's greatest King.

King of Oyo.

(Buy Now)

....The “ALAAFIN” is elected from among many eligible members of the Royal Family by a Powerful Society of Yoruba Noblemen know as the “Oyo Mesi”, the seven principal councilors of state. There have been 43 “Alaafin”, all drawn from the Same Dynasty which has ruled The Yoruba for over 2,000 years. Before he is crowned “OBA”, The “Alaafin-elect” must become a Priest, usually a Priest of “SANGO”, the Deified “Fourth King of The Yoruba”, and “Third Alaafin of OYO”, who is worshipped as “The THUNDERGOD”. The “Alaafin” has as much Spiritual as well as purely Political work to perform being at once “King” and “Priest” of the State............ The West African political system was “Communal Socialism”, in which the vital means of production belonged to each separate Community, which in turn was united with a larger aggregate such as the Provincial State, which was in turn united with a Central State.............. The Old Yoruba Empire distinguished itself in The World, with Three very distinctive and unique models. First, it evolved a wonderfully developed Constitution, though Unwritten, the average Yoruba man is governed by strong convention. Secondly, the Yoruba evolved a Military System that allows them to develop Weaponry. The Yorubas are the first to smith Iron and thus, they built foundries from where they also produced agricultural implements to boost food production. Thirdly, the Yoruba Race, evolved a very practical method of Administration, by adopting the Cabinet System of governance. So, as far back as the 16th Century, the Old “OYO” Empire developed the Cabinet System of Government. And from the Prime Minister, to “The Alaafin”, and the various Divisional Heads, all tiers have their Roles and Responsibilities clearly spelt out and adhered to, with Separation of Powers and inputs for checks and balances............ The Legend of "The GOD OF THUNDER", The Great King “SANGO”, 4th King of The Yoruba, 3rd “ALAAFIN” of The Ancient City of “OYO”, is a tale of Command. “OYO” the Ancient Political Capital of the “Yoruba”, took its rise somewhere in the 8th Century. “OYO” was founded by “ORANMIYAN” a grandson of “ODUDUWA, the Father of the “Yoruba” Nation. “Oranmiyan” was succeeded by “AJUAN, AJAKA” who proved too mild for the aggressive,conquering temperament of his times. The people rejected “Ajuan” in favor of his more flamboyant, warlike brother “SANGO, OLUFINRAN”.

List of Black Nationalist Fundraisers.

Support the rise of African Diaspora people! 

Or Inherit Nothing

Dr. Claude Anderson


Although we aren't politically aligned with any of these Black Nationalist establishments, we encourage your love and support of their efforts. To bring change we must raise the conscious awareness of our people towards community responsibility. Each individuals who desires to see a change must do her or his share, we begin by raising treasury from our own incomes. 

Dr. Umar Johnson's School for Boys.

I would like to say a few words about Dr. Umar Johnson's plans. Or rather what I think he might be thinking. There was only one school in African American history that was shown to produce greatness and lifted the economy of African Americans. The Tuskegee Institute had great success, although the generous Whites, feeling sorry for slavery, opened this school in the Delta region of Alabama. Despite being in an agricultural haven, such as the Delta region which once a land full of plantation farms that produced great wealth for the system of plantation owners, failed to take advantage of this vital arable land that surrounded the school.. The Black students were starving so they left and went home. So Booker T. Washington was brought in from Virginia, he taught the students agriculture, how to make bricks, via their own brick ovens. Tuskegee was also a teacher school that groomed some of its students to be teachers, and as well as groomed some of them to be business owners. Tuskegee became very self sufficient. The Tuskegee had a chemistry lab where Dr. George Washington Garvey, created some of the finest herbal food and medicine. Just think how we are eating poisoned food, poisoned water, and we are living in a stressful and racist environment. Now imagine how it is to be a black a child growing up in this. This  Western world nightmare must be challenged. The methods Dr. Umar Johnson uses is resurrecting Marcus Garvey and Fredrick Douglas, which brings a foundation of Tuskegee, the messiah qualities of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, added with the intellectual H bomb of Fredrick Douglas. Or whatever method he will use Dr. Umar Johnson has a lot to prove only to himself. Everyone is sent into the world to do good, but few ever achieve it and even fewer achieve good for many. I pray Dr. Umar Johnson succeeds greatly and overcomes all his enemies. By your power and not ours. Ase.

Here's his video: 
FDMG Academy

Here is Dr. Johnson's fundraiser page:
Please give to the cause of Black Boys, soon there will be an elite school for Black Girls. Every plan has a starting point. We pray Dr. Umar is super successful. 

Dr. Umar Johnson Talks about 'Booker T Washington

Values of Booker T Washington

This video presents many values aspects Dr. Booker T. Washington taught his students, such as table manners and social ethics. Also it mentions the negative aspects, of jealousy, which stirred in the hearts of educated Northern Blacks who supported their own schools. These Blacks had been ordered by the Vatican to kill Booker T. Washington. So on a trip to Washington D.C, at a Hotel, the waiter who brought Dr. Washington his food poisoned him. 60 days later he transitioned. Dr. Washington's casket had a reef made into the shape of a pyramid with a flower of a cross in it. The Renaissance of African civilization was delayed.

Death in 60 Days. 

Booker T Washington Murder Conspiracy Exposed
This book traces the last days of the life of Booker T. Washington, Founder of Tuskegee Institute now known as Tuskegee University. He was on vacation in Mobile, Alabama from Sept. 18, 1915 through Oct. 1, 1915 where he relaxed, fished and hunted. On October 17, 1915 he made his last speech to the student body on the importance of teamwork. His last public appearance was in New Haven, CT. on Oct. 25, 1915. A week later while in New York the newspapers reported that he had a nervous breakdown and was aging rapidly. The hospital record dated November 1, 1915 stated that he had no mental symptoms. After reviewing all the documentation using various sources, a professional nurse will show that Booker T. Washington was the victim of a cleverly planned assassination. Additionally, the death of this leader is associated with the 40 year Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This book is very thought provoking and interesting. It will make you want to look deeper into the story. The reader will see how this great leader enjoyed a restful vacation along the Gulf Coast and within 60 days he was dead and buried. His death changed the course of American history. See if you can figure out "WHO SILENCED BOOKER T. WASHINGTON?'

Buy the Book Here! 

Death In 60 Days: Booker T. Washington Murder Conspiracy Exposed!!! With Paulette Davis-Horton-The Interview

The Nation of Islam Believers.

Followers of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan

One Family.

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan
National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
True heir to the seat

Build a Black Economy
Classic lecture!

The Nation of Islam has controversy because the Nation of Islam has history. The Nation of Islam is an 85 year old established Black Nationalist organization. No group has ever stood as close to bring comfort and protection to the African American community, as well as providing the sacred law of Islam and displaying what it means to be a Muslim woman or man who follows in the steps of Allah. The Nation of Islam believers have a tremendous plan for fostering community development, starting with farm land and equipment and a very elaborate operation to feed the people. The plan calls for .30 cent a day, about $10.00 a month, from a crowd of 16 million, giving millions of dollars per year to community development. Here is their fundraiser page:

MGT: Women in the Nation of Islam

Amazing Video- Must Watch!

Be Inspired

Farrakhan: Save Our Girls - MGT Vanguard Trailer

Her Royal Highness Queet Quet
And the Gullah Flag
Queen Quet

Biography: Queen Quet Marquetta L. Goodwine was elected by the Gullah Elders to be Queen, the sovereign ruler of her people. Queen Quet received coronation in accord with African political and spiritual tradition. Queen Quet is also a published author, computer scientist, lecturer, mathematician, historian, columnist, preservationist, environmental justice advocate, environmentalist, film consultant, and “The Art-ivist.” She is the founder of the premiere advocacy organization for the continuation of Gullah/Geechee culture, the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition. Queen Quet has not only provided “histo-musical presentations” throughout the world, but was also the first Gullah/Geechee person to speak on behalf of her people before the United Nations in Genev√©, Switzerland. 

Queen Quet is spokesman for the Gullah people. She has returned to her roots on the Sea Islands to reinvigorate and protect the Gullah traditions in music, food, language and spirituality.

The Gullah are my favorite because the Gullah have never bowed. In the picture, Her Royal Majesty Queen Quet, points with the finger of authority. The Gullah fought not only for the freedom of others but also fought for the themselves. Although, the Low Country South Carolina, is not rich the Gullah's aren't poor. They have a rich culture, of farming, selling their food at markets, restaurants, cafes, and yes, owning their own businesses. The Gullah people present African celebrations on a seasonal schedule, festivals and rituals of ancestral healing and unity, where vendors sell exotic items, organizers perform dazzling drumming dance, acting performances, story telling, and tasty dishes. You can just taste fresh white rich, grilled fish mixed with herbs and vegetables through the next video.. You must watch a Taste of Gullah to see what I'm talking about. Here's the video, 

A Taste of Gullah 

How valuable is land? So valuable, hundreds of millions of human beings, have fought and died to protect their lands worldwide. The Gullah people, a strong people, have fought for African freedom and liberation since coming to these shores, and are now fighting to save their lands. The government, via various wealthy special interest groups, managed to force an approval for a %500  tax increases on land. With taking of the land of the Gullah Gee Chee people is the sole aim. This unfair pricing of land is the catalyst for removing struggling African American communities out of their homes, lands, and businesses, to bring in White business developers and higher priced properties. This is typical gentrification,  Blacks are being pushed out. Staring all over again with no land is the same as being homeless. This is economic injustice perpetrated in its finest.  Please help the Gullah people save their lands so that it can pass to the next generation. Only by giving to ourselves can we defeat forces that are stronger than individuals but not to a formidable group. A small group of people can change the world, in fact, its the only thing that ever has. Love, Sango. Donate to the Gullah Gee Chee land now. here:

Black People Collective Movement Family Gathering.
Food and Fun.
Help support Black Community!

Last but not least, Also support the Collect Black People Movement. They have a .27 a cent day, $8.10 fundraiser a month, they already have a thousand people signed up. Living in a Atlanta, Georgia is an explosive Black feeling. Click here:

I don't know much about BBRREES but they have a really good group lottery. It goes like this, everyone, out of 2000, gives $5 a month, and somebody will win $10,000 for their business plan Winners are selected based upon proposing business plans and all 2000 people vote for their favorite or the one more likely to succeed.  I don't know if they have enough people to pull it off but its very doable.  It will take 2000 people to give $5 a month to raise $10,000. Small communities lotteries that help promote people getting start up money for businesses aren't bad, but state lotteries are free tax because the odds of winning are too high plus the game is fixed. If you must play lottery stick with community lotteries you have more control. But I told the brother I would help him because BBRREES is actually about Black migration to the Southeast and Black Economic Empowerment. I'm all for Black Economy, so check out the site please. Love, Sango. 

BBRREES (The Black Belt Region Relocation & Economic Empowerment Society) is a paid membership club where people can submit their business plans and vote on which one gets funded into existence each month. Check here for link:

Our OKOM - Economic Development Model is a means by which we 'Starve the Beast and Feed the Pride'. We reallocate those funds wasted with white businesses on a weekly basis to Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) businesses, organizations and institutions.

Excerpts from our publication, OKOM - Economic Development Model: Download the packet:

"...The term okom is comprised of the terms ko (go) and mu (within). Thus komu or kom, okom means to go within. This references hunger, desire for the 'going within' or consumption of food and medicine for sustenance, healing, building and protection as well as the spirit 'going within' or possessing the individual for spiritual sustenance, healing, building and protection.
In a natural sense, okom references our innate inclination to possess that which we need to sustain ourselves, heal ourselves, protect ourselves, develop ourselves, govern ourselves, shelter ourselves and clothe ourselves. This constellation of seven needs resounds the seven principal values of Amansesew, Nationbuilding/Restoration, for Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnt (African~Black) people as delineated within Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu, the Akwamu Nation in North America ..."

"...We are targeting specific Afurakani/Afuraitkainit (African) businesses, organizations and institutions that serve the Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) community in a positive fashion and share our Ancestral values as delineated by the seven principal values of Amansesew - Nationbuilding/Restoration.

We will support 52 Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions over the next 52 weeks.  Their website: 

Your participation in this effort is valued and appreciated. It is as simple as starving the beast on a weekly basis and making a donation/contribution to the listed businesses.

Black Native American History and Moors

What does your typical Native American, confusingly called Indian, is always shown with red skin. But did you know that Ancient Egyptians who were Africans, also traveled West, sailed the seas, and exploring distant lands. Also the Moors, known to stretch their boundaries, far outside of Africa, from Spain to the Americas, the Moors also resided in what is now known as the Americas. Not only did Ancient Africans visit faraway land but ancient Africans, known as Egyptians/Kemetians, also settled in this far away places. Their culture based upon the landscape and the life found within, from animal hunting like geese, buffalo and bears,, to herb harvesting, building towns, kingdoms and empires, ancient Blacks left their mark from the Olmec Heads to the Mounds of America. How did you think escaped maroon African slave found safety in many Native American villages?Because the Native Americans had ancient contact with Africans visiting settling, and giving birth to Natives who went on to become powerful chiefs and queens.  Many Gullah people who fought for freedom held alliances with Native Americans and most times lead the war against slavery and oppression. The Gullahs were successful at bringing an end to slavery.

First Americans were Blacks. 

Ancient African American Native:

A great book on African American Natives:

Everyone talks about Black Indians or Black Native Americans, well they had a common enemy and worked together during the early periods of the U.S. Well here is one of their websites and a great article about a famous Black American Native, she is honoring her Native roots.

Dr. Yaffa Bey of the Ancient Muurs

How to survive the fall of Rome

By Dr. Yaffa Bey

Empire Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah. The Nation of ancient American Mound Builders they came before Columbus from Africa on Egyptian boats. Africans were sailing the seas for thousands of years. The Washitaw are ruled over, like the Gullah, by a Queen Mother, Her Highness Devine: Empress Wendy Farica Washitaw. Please show your support for their nation. We are only as strong as our weakest link as African Diaspora. Much is owed to the Moorish Science Temple of North America. The prophet Noble Drew Ali revealed many ancient mysteries, secrets and prophecies to many including the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Most Honorable Marcus Garvey. Lots of black Freemasons also owe Noble Drew Ali for sharing real masonic knowledge, stolen from Egypt by the Europeans and taught to them by the Spanish Moors. So give credit to the Moors in our struggle as partners in Pan African Nationalism and forerunners of African civilization.  

Make a Donation
Anyone interested in making donations may send a money order made out to Empire Washitaw to:Empire Washitaw
c/o 106 N. Western Avenue, Apt#306 
San Pedro, California 90732

You may donate to either of the following:(Please write on your money order which fund you are donating to.)
Empress' unpaid medical and care expenses
Empress' Memorial Homecoming/Repass
In kind Love offering
Empire Building Expansion
one time donation


The Washitaw donation page:

Black Farmer's Groups and Associations. 

Black African American Farmers History in America A Legacy of Landownership

Where have Black Farmers Gone? Documentry Pilot

Beware of Land Thieves. 

We continue to stress food and medicinal herbs as the beginnings of Nationalism. With this comes support of the farmer, especially our Black farmers, the Gullah Gee Chee farmers, and many Black farmers throughout the United States. Black farmers have fought to keep their land and get a fair price for the crops on the open market.Their goals is always to commercial farm where they are making money off of the food they grow. This is opposed to subsistence farming, where they are barely getting by. We encourage you to support Black farmers, get to know them, because one day soon we will need them to show us the way to survive off the land again.

The Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association –Florida Chapter was formed under the national Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association or­ganization of Tillary, North Carolina. The Florida Chapter was organized as a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation on April 2, 2011. Here is their donation page, please be kind and give to a worthy cause. BFAA

Here is a whole list of Black Farmers, follow the link and get to know the growers. GrassRoots Businesses

Oyotunji African Village Kingdom        Why Change Fails 

My first fundraiser blog!                          Rise of the Black Messiah

An Elder Speaks!                                      Group Economics

The Queen Code.                                      Green House Project

NUWLA                                                     Black Nationalism Today

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