Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sango: The Cult of KINGSHIP


Alafin Of Oyo Speaks on Ifa

....The “ALAAFIN” is elected from among many eligible members of the Royal Family by a Powerful Society of Yoruba Noblemen know as the “Oyo Mesi”, the seven principal councilors of state. There have been 43 “Alaafin”, all drawn from the Same Dynasty which has ruled The Yoruba for over 2,000 years. Before he is crowned “OBA”, The “Alaafin-elect” must become a Priest, usually a Priest of “SANGO”, the Deified “Fourth King of The Yoruba”, and “Third Alaafin of OYO”, who is worshipped as “The THUNDERGOD”. The “Alaafin” has as much Spiritual as well as purely Political work to perform being at once “King” and “Priest” of the State............ The West African political system was “Communal Socialism”, in which the vital means of production belonged to each separate Community, which in turn was united with a larger aggregate such as the Provincial State, which was in turn united with a Central State.............. The Old Yoruba Empire distinguished itself in The World, with Three very distinctive and unique models. First, it evolved a wonderfully developed Constitution, though Unwritten, the average Yoruba man is governed by strong convention. Secondly, the Yoruba evolved a Military System that allows them to develop Weaponry. The Yorubas are the first to smith Iron and thus, they built foundries from where they also produced agricultural implements to boost food production. Thirdly, the Yoruba Race, evolved a very practical method of Administration, by adopting the Cabinet System of governance. So, as far back as the 16th Century, the Old “OYO” Empire developed the Cabinet System of Government. And from the Prime Minister, to “The Alaafin”, and the various Divisional Heads, all tiers have their Roles and Responsibilities clearly spelt out and adhered to, with Separation of Powers and inputs for checks and balances............ The Legend of "The GOD OF THUNDER", The Great King “SANGO”, 4th King of The Yoruba, 3rd “ALAAFIN” of The Ancient City of “OYO”, is a tale of Command. “OYO” the Ancient Political Capital of the “Yoruba”, took its rise somewhere in the 8th Century. “OYO” was founded by “ORANMIYAN” a grandson of “ODUDUWA, the Father of the “Yoruba” Nation. “Oranmiyan” was succeeded by “AJUAN, AJAKA” who proved too mild for the aggressive,conquering temperament of his times. The people rejected “Ajuan” in favor of his more flamboyant, warlike brother “SANGO, OLUFINRAN”.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Black People Do Not Understand White Supremacy

I put compiled these videos, especially those of Dr. Umar Johnson, to let you see the atrocities for yourself. These videos are from various sources within the community, some experts, some self researched, and others from White media. There is nothing wrong with contradiction, even Whites understand the plight of African Americans, being crushed by the deadly system of White Supremacy and Racism. This is known worldwide, and it could be the message the North Korean have sent by sentencing the American racist to 15 years hard labor. Many times North Korean has responded to the U.S government accusations, that the North Korean government violates human rights, by reminding the U.S how badly it treats the African American through mass incarcerating. Mass incarceration is a death camp in the Nazi sense, when a man or woman is sent to prison for life or a number of years, that person's life is eradicated by process. Also the situation of having felonies, violent felonies, or worst, being a government target.  Slow death is still death. 

African Americans who are Pan African Nationalists and Black Nationalists must began to fund the treasuries of various different community sources. The point is to fund the Black Nationalist effort that is near you, one you find has the most programs that would affect change for you, your family and community. Food, clothing, shelter and the means to educate you and your children into viable living skills, where sustainable living could be accomplished, these should be high items on your list. The purpose of promoting all the fundraisers is so we can ensure more prosperous communities nationwide and worldwide so that every African is touched everywhere with prosperity. The more strong units we have among us the more stronger, viable, and respected as a people we become. So support all the Pan African Nationalist efforts not just education but the acquisition of land and building of structures which support institutions. 

Black People Do Not Understand White Supremacy Dr. Umar Johnson

More Black Men In The Prison System Today Than Slaves In 1850

More Black Men In The Prison System Today Than Slaves In 1850

Prison Is Modern day Slavery A For Profit Industry Big Business in Amerikka

Prison Industrial Complex: A Racist Assault on Humanity | Joel Northam | Resistance Report Segment

Slavery to Mass Incarceration

Bleed the beast and Support the only solution to injustice, "Black Nationalism"

List of Black Nationalist fundraisers

Supporting all these worldwide fundraisers would cost about 50 U.S Dollars. Give as much as you can, it all goes to support infrastructure for African American communities.
Our main donation page at OyoTunji African Village. We are raising $15 dollars per month via 100, 000 brave lionesses and lions, who are ready to support a Black Nationalist economy. $127,000,000 million in 7 years, lets keep it going strong. Click here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Help save Gullah Gee Chee land. Fighting hard for African liberation since the 17th century, descendants of Angola, the Gullah Gee Chee people, managed to preserve some of their native tongue, their ancestry culture and pride. From slave revolts to freeing other slaves, civil rights struggle, Pan-Africanism, many of the members of the famed, "Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church" of Charleston are Gullah Gee Chee descendants. Because of the low state of economy of South Carolina's Low Country, government seizure of their lands and vicious taxation, many Gullah people are losing their lands. But you can help them out with a small donation. Here is their GoFundMe page: 
Dr. Umar Johnson's fund me page. Click here:
He is raising $5 Million dollars for a high tech private school for our young boys. If we could reach 300,000 people this would give Dr. Johnson his $5 Million for the school. A girl's school would be the next ideal mark and also Queen's club where our women can gather for they are the leaders of the family's interest.
Also support the Collect Black People Movement. They have a .27 a cent day, $8.10 fundraiser a month, they already have a thousand people signed up. Click here:
Much love for my believers on the Nation of Islam they also have a fundraising that's set at .30 cents day, about $10.00 a month. They are shooting for 16 million people, trying to raise about 250 million in a year. Click here:
For more info:
Empire Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah. The Nation of ancient American Mound Builders they came before Columbus from Africa on Egyptian boats. Africans were sailing the seas for thousands of years. The Washitaw are ruled over, like the Gullah, by a Queen Mother, Her Highness Devine: Empress Wendy Farica Washitaw. Please show your support for their nation. We are only as strong as our weakest link as African Diaspora. The Washitaw donation page: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please support all these Black Nationalists efforts to provide true economic freedom and total liberation for all African Diaspora. The hand has five fingers and they all must be strong, work in coordination, to build a stronger Diaspora.
Henry Garnett said, "If we are to bleed, then lets bleed all at once.
Those who have it to give should give large amounts. In the upper ranges of $250.00 one time. If we can get 10,000 people to give $250 that would be $2.5 Million to complete , His Royal Majesty Oba Adefunmi II's 7 year plan, all in month. So give now! Up you Mighty Nation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Queen Mother of Africa, Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka (Queen) of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda Luswata. Please give $1.00 per household member and show your support for women and children of Africa. As we know women suffer the greatest on the weak political platform of Africa and children die in record numbers. The Queen Mother makes 3/4th of the Africa world, women and children, her first priority. Her example must be followed worldwide, Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka (Queen) of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda Luswata, is bringing is the change of Africa. Donate:
Our goal is $1 Billion, raised by all Africans worldwide, all languages and all ethnic groups.