Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sango: The Cult of KINGSHIP


Alafin Of Oyo Speaks on Ifa

....The “ALAAFIN” is elected from among many eligible members of the Royal Family by a Powerful Society of Yoruba Noblemen know as the “Oyo Mesi”, the seven principal councilors of state. There have been 43 “Alaafin”, all drawn from the Same Dynasty which has ruled The Yoruba for over 2,000 years. Before he is crowned “OBA”, The “Alaafin-elect” must become a Priest, usually a Priest of “SANGO”, the Deified “Fourth King of The Yoruba”, and “Third Alaafin of OYO”, who is worshipped as “The THUNDERGOD”. The “Alaafin” has as much Spiritual as well as purely Political work to perform being at once “King” and “Priest” of the State............ The West African political system was “Communal Socialism”, in which the vital means of production belonged to each separate Community, which in turn was united with a larger aggregate such as the Provincial State, which was in turn united with a Central State.............. The Old Yoruba Empire distinguished itself in The World, with Three very distinctive and unique models. First, it evolved a wonderfully developed Constitution, though Unwritten, the average Yoruba man is governed by strong convention. Secondly, the Yoruba evolved a Military System that allows them to develop Weaponry. The Yorubas are the first to smith Iron and thus, they built foundries from where they also produced agricultural implements to boost food production. Thirdly, the Yoruba Race, evolved a very practical method of Administration, by adopting the Cabinet System of governance. So, as far back as the 16th Century, the Old “OYO” Empire developed the Cabinet System of Government. And from the Prime Minister, to “The Alaafin”, and the various Divisional Heads, all tiers have their Roles and Responsibilities clearly spelt out and adhered to, with Separation of Powers and inputs for checks and balances............ The Legend of "The GOD OF THUNDER", The Great King “SANGO”, 4th King of The Yoruba, 3rd “ALAAFIN” of The Ancient City of “OYO”, is a tale of Command. “OYO” the Ancient Political Capital of the “Yoruba”, took its rise somewhere in the 8th Century. “OYO” was founded by “ORANMIYAN” a grandson of “ODUDUWA, the Father of the “Yoruba” Nation. “Oranmiyan” was succeeded by “AJUAN, AJAKA” who proved too mild for the aggressive,conquering temperament of his times. The people rejected “Ajuan” in favor of his more flamboyant, warlike brother “SANGO, OLUFINRAN”.


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